Increase your Ability to Address Investigative requirements


Assets Misappropriation 挪用資金

Business fraud 商業欺詐

Computer Misuse 不正當使用電腦

Computer Security Incidents 電腦安全事故

Confidential information was stolen 被盜取機密資料

Corporate & HR policy violations 企業政策違規行為

Corruption 貪污

Employee embezzlement 員工監守自盜

Employee fraud and malfeasance 人力資源調查-員工欺詐和瀆職行為

Financial Statement Fraud 財務報表欺詐

High-tech business Fraud 利用高科技商業欺詐

Illegal trade 非法交易

Intellectual property theft 知識產權盜竊

Investment scams 投資詐騙

Litigation 訴訟

Malicious activity 惡意活動

Money laundering 洗黑錢

Regulatory Compliance 監管法規

Vendor fraud 供應商欺詐

Whistleblower Investigations 舉報人調查





The ability to investigate internal matters, such as HR policy violations, regulatory compliance, and employee separation has become critical in order for corporations to manage risk.


Learn how computer forensic tools, such as EnCase® Forensic & EnCase® Enterprise, Cellebrite UFED, Oxygen Forensic, Voom Shadow3 ...... are putting the power of digital forensics within the reach of any company, and how these solutions produce real cost savings through decreased downtime, as well as increased efficiency.